HARRY POTTER - Official Back To Hogwarts Travel Set / Stationery

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HARRY POTTER Official Stationery Set
Number of pages in journal: 184 pages
Wand pen: 1 pen included
Postcards: 10 pieces included
Sticker sheet: 18 pieces included
Package size: 22.9 x 15.2 x 5.1 cm

[Set Contents]
1. 184-page travel journal
The deluxe vegan leather travel journal includes a daily page to record the sights visited, a full page to record the most memorable experiences of the day, and an address book section to record contact information for people you want to reach, places visited, and friends made along the way.

This travel case, inspired by the luggage carried by Hogwarts students, can be used to carry a travel journal or other important travel documents, or to hold tickets, small souvenirs, photos, and other memorabilia collected during the trip.

3. collectible wand pen
To record the magical moments of your adventures, an ordinary pen is not enough.
A pen featuring the Elder Wand wand is included and is secured to the inner lid of the travel case for easy access and storage at any time.

4. 10 postcards
These 10 pieces of postcards feature concept art from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the 'Harry Potter' movies.
Keep in touch with friends and loved ones during your travels.

5. sticker sheets
18 Harry Potter-themed sticker sheets.
Add your own magical flair to luggage cases, journals, and postcards.

The set includes a Hogwarts(TM)-inspired luggage case, a travel journal to record your experiences and memories, an Elder Wand pen to record your adventures, 10 Hogwarts(TM)-inspired postcards to exchange with friends and family while traveling, and a sticker sheet to attach your name to the luggage case, journal, and postcards. The set also includes a luggage case, a journal, and a sticker sheet to attach your name to the postcards.

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