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! Topic of the next generation star, attractive fully open of Ross Lynch song and dance is full of "High School Musical" followed by Disney Channel original youth musical movie! - it lasts forever and fun summer I thought suddenly ... to welcome the end. Brady is suddenly cut out a farewell from the Mackenzie girlfriend. Mackenzie for the go is that he go to a place far out of the seaside town. McKenzie out to the last of the sea as a journey in the morning, is led to the surfboard of legend. Storm came along with the best wave to it. Brady was worried about her evacuation recommendation does not return to the beach also come out, but toward the rescue riding a jet ski, would be kidnapped two people both in large waves. If somehow reach the beach, there is the world ... two of the 60's beach and musical movie "Wet Side Story" was the was gone penetrates literally in the movie long time ago love Brady. There world of musicals is that out dancing everyone started to sing suddenly. McKenzie amazed face innocently Brady to enjoy this world. Meanwhile, between the surfer and biker team to confrontation, deviation is the fate of the supposed couple fall in love in the original movie, is a very! This remains because each fell in love with Brady and Mackenzie deviation is a story of the movie, the two men no longer return to the real world!
Duration: 95 minutes

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