METALLICA - Official Hardwired... To Self-Destruct [Deluxe][Shm-Cd] / CD

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3 disc set
Produced by Greg Fidelman (who also engineered and mixed 'Death Magnetic')
Release date: November 18, 2016

recorded songs
CD 1
2.Atlas, Arise
3.Now That's With The Dead
4.Moth in the Flame
Dream No More
6.Halo on Fire

CD 2
1 Confusion
2 ManUNkind
3 Here Comes Revenge
4 Am I Savage?
5 Murder One
6 Spit Out the Bone

CD 3
1. Lords of Summer
2. Ronnie Rising Medley (A Light In the Black / Tarot Woman / Stargazer / Kill the King)
3. When a Blind Man Cries
4. Remember Tomorrow
5. Helpless (Live at Rasputin Music) 6 Hit the Lights (Live at Rasputin Music)
6. Hit the Lights (Live at Rasputin Music)
7. The Four Horsemen (Live at Rasputin Music)
8. Ride the Lightning (Live at Rasputin Music)
9 Fade To Black (Live at Rasputin Music)
10. Jump In the Fire (Live at Rasputin Music)
11. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live at Rasputin Music)
12. Creeping Death (Live at Rasputin Music)
13. Metal Militia (Live at Rasputin Music)
14. Hardwired (Live in Minneapolis)

1. 2016 version
2. Ronnie James Dio cover medley (remastered). This was included in "This Is Your Life - Ronnie James Dio Tribute" (2014).
3. Deep Purple cover (remastered)
4. Iron Maiden cover (remastered)
5-13. Sound from the show we did on Record Store Day, April 16, 2016 to celebrate the reissue of "Ride the Lightning" and "Kill 'Em All" remastered deluxe box set (remixed and remastered)
14. sound source for the show that was the first rock concert at the Minnesota Vikings' new home, U.S. Bank Stadium, on August 20, 2016

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