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Author: Junko Asahi. Illustration: Ayako Sugimoto. EDIT: Kunihiko Fujimoto. Size: A5-size. Page: 240P.
Do you sing what is "Beatles, which has received high praise from mania? "The author of (the Beatles essays that explains the lyrics of) is thoroughly up examined while taking also account of remarks of members, the eagerly-awaited book, which was approaching the true charm of the Queen! ※ or previous work "The Beatles are singing what? "Pursuant to, begin reading anywhere comfortably from in plain style, a collection of essays that explains the lyrics (180 songs). Published a large number also illustrations. Content to enjoy pick up repeatedly while listening to the song.
[Main contents] ★ lyrics songs commentary 1970s: "The Shock of the princess," "Queen 2" "Sheer Heart Attack," "A Night at the Opera," "Splendor of the race," "Tribute to the World," "jazz". 1980s: "The Game," "Flash Gordon," "Hot Space", "The Works" "Kind of Magic," "The Miracle". Since the 1990s: "Innuendo", "made in heaven", "The Cosmos Rocks". ※ A

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