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- Author: David chef (Author), Mari Yamakawa (translation)
Size: A5-size
- Number of pages: 408 pages

John and Yoko of the most important interview, new translation, including the remarks of Japan first appearance!
Music, society, and reminiscence of the Beatles that John himself says definitive edition

John Lennon's birth 80 years after his death 40 years in 2020, among which is a "DOUBLE FANTASY John & Yoko" Tokyo exhibition also topic,
Historic interview of John and Yoko long-awaited newly renovated sale!

In September 1980, a thoroughly coherent long interview of the whole picture, which was carried out in two people over a period of three weeks, to deliver always new.
Order to return to the scene with the album "Double Fantasy", speak to detail from two people meeting until John of househusband era,
John reveals frankly the thought of to songwriting and a member of the Beatles.
And at the same time an autobiography that John has summed up the life and work up to it with Yoko, is also the John's will that showed the outlook towards the future of humanity.
Japan twice in the past (1981 and 1990), but there is that it has been published in the form of books, valuable exchange and had been omitted at the time, the full version plus a preface by the author is this book.

Because it is now the world is master the confusion what, this vision and philosophy that lead to "true Love & Peace", we're are we really need.

[CONTENTS] Introduction to John and Yoko, 40 years later
Part 1
Part Two
Part 3

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